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Six Things

Thursday, September 17th, 2009

I’ve been falling behind in my posting – life gets in the way, sometimes, you know? – so I’m going to update you on a bunch of things all at once. I’ll try to be better moving forward. I know how much you miss me when I’m gone :)

And now, in no particular order:

Softball: Tonight was the first game. We lost. I attribute this loss to the fact that I, as pitcher, walked a bunch of people in the second inning and they got a bunch of runs because of it. I improved once I figured out why what I thought were strikes were balls, but not in time. On the positive side, I did a great job fielding on the mound, struck one guy out three times (dude was swinging at everything!), got on base each time at bat, and scored two runs. That being said, I still feel like I lost the game for the team. Boo.

Weight: I believe I neglected to mention that the day after I weighed-in with a ten-pound gain, I was up only 6 pounds, and just 5 the day after that. Must’ve been mostly water weight! By the end of the week, I got it down to being up only one. I’m damn happy with that, too, all things considered.

Running: My official time for the 5k I did this past Saturday is 30:50. I’m not sure how it happened that the chip time was 5 seconds slower than my perceived gun time, but I’m sure it had something to do with exhaustion. I’m still happy with that, though! I think I’m going to do another 5k in October – there’s one at the Pittsburgh Zoo the first Saturday of that month. It scares me a bit because the zoo is all hills, but it should be neat to run past all the animals! Hopefully that will keep my mind off the hills.

Swimming: I have been seriously delinquent in my swimming efforts. As in, I haven’t. At all. I just bought a new bathing suit (end of season clearance!) – it’s pretty yet sporty… and reversible! Hopefully I will be inspired to use it and will actually take advantage of the pool at my gym. Someone ask me about this in a few days, ok? I need someone to keep me accountable or I’ll never be prepared for that triathlon.

Kung Fu: Three months until my possible test for Black Level 2. So far, so good with the “shaping up.” I’ve been feeling good in class and even got an extra practice in on Sunday with the other guy set to test with me.

Exhaustion: I have been so tired all week. We got a new kitten (Sprite) who is adorable, and he’s finally getting along with our other cat (Pixel), but he wakes me in the middle of the night. Every night. It’s hard to feel motivated to work out when you’re exhausted, so I haven’t been doing a lot of that this week, except for my regular activities like kung fu and, now, softball. At least I’ve been eating well!

That should do it!

Fat Bottomed Girls, They’ll Be Riding Today

Sunday, May 31st, 2009

I finally bought a bike!

For those of you who have just tuned in, I’ve been wanting a bicycle for quite some time, with the goal of completing a triathlon. Today, I got one.

My New Bike!

My New Bike!

It’s a Canondale Quick 5, and so far, I love it. The bike shop guy was very helpful, and after I told him about my goals and biking experience (I haven’t ridden a bicycle in about 15 years!) he recommended this bike. I took it for a spin around the parking lot and immediately knew it was the bike for me.

My husband went with me to the cycle shop, and decided he wanted one for himself as well. We left with two bikes, two helmets, a bike rack, and a lot of excitement.

We went down to one of the trails that runs alongside the river. We rode for just over an hour and covered almost 12 miles in that time. It’s amazing how much more ground you can cover on two wheels than on two feet. It was so. much. fun. but I was nervous and a little scared at first. Have I mentioned that I haven’t ridden a bike in 15 years?

As it turns out, it’s just like riding a bike.

It’s also quite a workout! Based on my weight and how long/fast we rode, I burned about 500 calories. For the most part, I didn’t even notice that it was exercise, but I did feel it in my quads when we climbed the few hills – for Pittsburgh, this was a very flat trail. The only parts of my body that are hurting now are my butt – I need to get a better seat or shorts with butt padding, and my face – I think I got wind burned… I was riding just that fast :) Tomorrow might tell a different story.

I think I progressed a lot in just over an hour – I went from being very nervous and wobbly to feeling reasonably confident and fairly steady. I’m sure that the more I ride, the better bicycler I’ll become. As with anything, practice makes perfect, right?

Owning a bicycle: The first step to accomplishing the biking portion of that triathlon. Yee haw!

I Want to Ride My Bicycle

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

But first, I suppose I have to buy one.

I’ve been thinking about this for months. More than that, even – probably more like a year. I’m not usually the type of person who plans so much before making a purchase: I don’t like shopping around, and I don’t like not having something that I want, so when I know I want something, I generally just go out and get it.

Not so with a bicycle.

The problem is, I’m terrified of getting the wrong one. I don’t want to just buy a cheap-o bike from Wal-Mart, though that would certainly be easier. I want a real bike. And real bikes cost real money. I’m willing to invest, but I want to make sure I’m investing in a bike that will be just right for me and my purposes. Follow?

I’ve recently become annoyed with myself and the fact that I still don’t have a bicycle. I haven’t even gone into a single bike shop yet, because, until last week, I didn’t know the answer to the most basic – yet most important – question: “What style of bicycle do you want?” There are so many styles – mountain, road, hybrid, recumbent, etc. – and I had no clue what the pros and cons of each are.

I did some research and found a fabulous article called How to Buy a Bike by Jim Langley that laid everything out for me. It was so informative and helpful, that I now know that I want a Road Sport bike. I consider this the first step. Now I just have to get myself to a bike shop and shell out some green!

On that note, if any of you know anything about bicycles and can recommend a brand and/or a great bike shop in the Pittsburgh area, I’m open to suggestions.

Trying a Tri

Saturday, May 2nd, 2009

I have always wanted am going to complete a triathlon.

When I share my intentions with friends or family, the response I receive most often is a raised eyebrow of disbelief. I understand that it’s hard to believe that I – a girl who just 2 years ago was severely overweight and couldn’t run up a flight of stairs without feeling winded – would compete in an event usually reserved for “athletes.” And it’s true that I’m a novice runner at best, not much of a swimmer, and don’t even own a bicycle. But that just means I have to get moving!

I truly believe that the first step to doing anything challenging in life – losing weight, changing jobs, and yes, even a triathlon – is to make the decision to do it and to fully commit to it. Part of that commitment, for me at least, is telling others of my intentions. It’s harder to back out of something when you know people are going to ask you about your progress; no one wants to admit to quitting.

So here it is, for the whole world (or at least my 3 readers!) to see and hold me accountable to: I am going to complete a triathlon.

As I mentioned, I’m not adept at any of the three sports that comprise a triathlon: swimming, biking and running. That means this will require some serious training. I’ve been working on the running a bit already. I can run about two miles before needing to walk (but not consistently, and not fast). The swimming and biking have a long way to go. I’ve recently joined a gym that has a swimming pool and I intend to invest in a bicycle soon, so that’s a start. My plan is to keep a sort of online training journal so my hoards of readers (Hi Mom!) can keep tabs on me and track my progress. I will be posting plenty of other things here as well – healthy recipes, tips, product reviews, etc – but if you notice a distinct lack of training updates, please ask! Gotta keep me on my toes!

I hope this inspires some of you to do what others think impossible – or at least unlikely – of you, as well. Respond to those raised eyebrows of disbelief with confidence! Show them what you can do!

In fact, is anyone else interested in trying a tri? Or maybe you’ve already completed one! I’d love to hear about your experiences and any tips you have for me. Leave me your thoughts in the comments section – and wish me luck!