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Accident Prone

Thursday, May 7th, 2009

I’ve always had less than my share of nimbleness; when I was young, people used to call me Grace, because I had none. I used to trip on lines on the floor and rarely lifted my feet high enough to avoid stumbling up the stairs. And because I bruise like a ripe banana, there was always visual evidence that I was extremely accident prone, even after the fall.

Things have changed as I’ve grown older, though. I’ve been studying Kung Fu for 4 years now, and that has helped considerably with balance, coordination and overall dexterity. This past week, however, Kung Fu has taken me down a peg in the old “graceful ladder.”

It started last Tuesday, when, following a tornado kick (imagine a jumping kick wherein you turn 360˚ in the air… ideally in the fashion of a tornado) I landed on another person’s heel, rolling over my ankle onto the top of my foot, and then my butt. It really took me out: I couldn’t stand up, I was seeing lights and felt nauseated. It was awful.

Besides the pain, I was really upset when it happened because I’m participating in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure (go Shaolin Striders!) this coming Sunday, and a bum ankle does not bode well for an enjoyable 5k run. Since then, I’ve been taking it easy, giving it time to heal, and it has improved greatly. In fact, I’d say that today, my ankle is at 95%.

But I’m not at 95%.

You see this morning – again at Kung Fu – I injured myself. This time, I was doing a drop stance (one leg bent completely as in a squat, the other leg straight out to the side, back straight) when I heard a “pop” and felt an “ouch.” I’m pretty sure that I pulled a muscle in my groin… there’s where it hurts, at least. It, too, was awful.

And now, this race is even closer and I’m in even more pain. Who runs a 5k with a pulled groin? I do, that’s who. At the very least, I’ll walk those 3.1 miles. I’ll walk the heck out of them. But I won’t be happy about it.

Hopefully, in rather short order, I’ll be sharing with you all how Kimberly got her grace back.