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Fifty Nifty!

Sunday, November 11th, 2012

A lot has happened in my life over the last month – good things, like deciding to buy a new house and sell our current house, and my daughter’s first birthday – but things that have made staying on track with my goals not only difficult, but seemingly unimportant. I haven’t made it a priority to cook the majority of my meals, or run, or blog. Instead, I spent my time cleaning (soooo much cleaning), driving around aimlessly while strangers traipsed through our house deciding if they wanted to buy it, dealing with paperwork (soooo much paperwork), planning a birthday party, hosting out-of-town visitors, etc.

Amazingly, even though I’ve eaten out a lot (though NO fast food!), I haven’t run in weeks (until last night!), and I haven’t blogged since September 30, my weight is still down 5 pounds from the beginning of my Hot 100 Challenge. It must be the stress eating away at the fat :)

Recently, I have started to feel lethargic and just blah physically… 5+ weeks with very little exercise (I still played softball and did Kung Fu) can take its toll on a person! So rather than continue to skate and get myself into a downward spiral of feeling more and more lethargic and blah, I’ve decided to do my best to get back on the right track. So last night I ran for the first time in weeks – it felt wonderful! I’m going to run again tonight after my daughter goes to bed. Yesterday I only ran 2 miles; tonight I’m going to go 3. I have to work back up to being able to run 5 by Thanksgiving!

I’ve also started logging my food and exercise again, this time using an app called LoseIt. It’s similar to My Food Diary, which is what I used faithfully for about a year – and how I was able to lose 75 pounds in that year. LoseIt is basically a mobile application of My Food Diary, though made by an unaffiliated company. What’s neat about LoseIt, is that you can link to friends who use the same app and share your progress while you follow theirs, and in so doing, motivate each other to stay on the right track. So far, I’m only linked to my sister, which is great, but if any of you decide to start using it, too, add me as your friend and we can motivate each other there! My email address is kimberly dot werner  at gmail dot com (you need to know that to add me as a friend).

How are you all doing on this challenge? Has anyone stuck with it even though I have been MIA for 42 days? Even if you’ve completely fallen off the wagon, it’s never too late to dust yourself off and get back on. Reset if you need to: There are FIFTY days left in 2012 – adjust your goals accordingly and end this year with a bang! Here’s hoping, right?!