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Cooking up a Storm

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

This week I’ve been hugely successful with my cooking goal. With the exception of yesterday’s lunch, every single meal this week has been prepared at home by either my husband or myself. We had things like roasted chicken, pork chops with sauerkraut, tilapia with quinoa and broccoli, stuffed pepper with turkey sausage, and other delicious eats.

It wasn’t all that hard, either. I went grocery shopping early in the week and really thought about the meals we would make. Then we froze all of the meats that we weren’t going to have that day or the next, and each morning (or the night before) we would decide what we were having for dinner and pull out the necessary food from the freezer.

This worked beautifully! What often trips me up is not being able to decide what to make, and not having things in the house to cook (or them being frozen, which I hate). There were 2 days when I almost gave in and said “Screw it: Let’s order Chinese” but my über-supportive husband stepped in and made dinner those nights. It really helps to have a sidekick!

Yesterday I was down something like 4.5 pounds from the beginning of the week. That’s absolutely absurd! Luckily, today I was only down 3 pounds, which is much more sane, lol. I really think that cooking more regularly is going to help me achieve my weight-loss goal of 20 pounds by December 31 (for those keeping track, that would put me at 156.5, as I was 176.5 at the beginning of The Hot 100). 

Regarding my other goals: I ran twice this week (not bad) and only blogged once (fail). I’ll have to work on those two more this week!

A lot of you said you were in on this challenge but had to consider your goals first. Have you come up with anything yet? You’re losing days! We’re down to 92 days left in 2012 – let’s do this!!

The Hot 100 – The Sequel

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Since the half-marathon I ran two weeks ago, I have done very little in the way of exercise. I’ve been saying that I need to start a new workout regimen or train for something new, but I just haven’t had the motivation.

Well screw that: I need to get with the program. Rather than taking another few weeks wondering what I want to do next, I’m going to start doing something!

Remember when I did that Hot 100 Challenge a few years ago? Well, YESTERDAY marks the start of the final 100 days of 2012 and I’m going to use that fact to my advantage: I’m going to do another Hot 100 Challenge and make the rest of the year really count, so I’ll be right on track and feeling great when the new one comes along.

Oddly enough, my goals for this Hot 100 are basically the same as 3 years ago. I’m not going to dwell on that…

Kimberly’s Goals for The Hot 100

  1. Keep running! I just ran a half-marathon and it would be really sad if I let all of that hard work go to waste (been there, done that) So, I’ll be doing a 5k on November 3, and an 8k on Thanksgiving. I should be able to run the entirety of  each race without any trouble, so I’m going to work on my speed and try to make get a PR for each of those distances.
  2. Lose some more weight. Like, 20 pounds more. That would put me at 157 on December 31, soooo close to my goal of 150. I’ll save those last few pounds for 2013 and feel awesome when I reach it by February! [Sadly, this goal was copied almost verbatim from 2009. I changed the year, and the weight I’d be at on 12/31,  because I’m 1.5 pounds more now than I was at this time 3 years ago. Since I’ve also gained a child, I guess that’s not too bad!)
  3. Eat out less – cook more. Specifically, eat restaurant-cooked food no more than 3-4 times per week. This should be very doable, and will be exceedingly helpful toward my weight-loss goal, as well as make a marked difference in my wallet. [This goal is verbatim, too!]
  4. Blog more. Accountability is very important. When you have people asking you how you’re doing with your goals, it makes you try harder (because you don’t want to look/feel like an ass if you’ve given up lol), so when I blog, I’m better about keeping up with my healthy habits. I should be able to blog at least twice a week, so that’s my goal: A minimum of 2 posts per week through the end of the year.


And that’s it! Who’s with me?! Let me know if you’re going to join in, and what your goals are so we can hold each other accountable! Here’s to a Hot 100 – er, 99!


Saturday, September 8th, 2012

This morning was the half-marathon that I started training for 12 weeks ago. Even though I never got around to blogging about my training past that first run, I kept up with it! It was hard, and took a lot of time and a lot of people helping with Alexandra (mostly my awesome husband and helpful nanny), but I completed the vast majority of the training runs. I wasn’t as consistent (re: obsessive) about it as I was when I trained the first time, but I had a lot more going on this time around.

Unfortunately, my performance during the race reflected my somewhat half-hearted training.

In training, I worked my way up to 11 miles, which I did this past Sunday without too much trouble (meaning I didn’t walk, which is always my goal). And yet, today, I had to walk shortly after I passed the ten-mile mark. And I walked quite a bit, I’m sorry to say.

It started pouring soon after I resorted to walking, and that didn’t make me start back up with running (or run faster, as it did my training buddies – my sister, and my two best friends). Instead, it made me walk MORE and start feeling sorry for myself: All three of my cohorts were long ahead of me, my entire lower body was tired and sore, I was cold and wet, and I was having some digestive distress… if you know what I mean.

I ended up walking/running/walking/running a lot in miles 10 & 11, and then ran solidly from 12.25 to the finish line.

And when I finished, I wasn’t all that happy (except that it was over) – I was cranky. I was really hoping for a better performance, and I feel like I put in the work to have had a better performance, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way, I guess.

My friends did GREAT and I’m super proud of them all! My sister has been having shin splints all through training, one friend had a baby 6 months ago AND was dealing with an ankle injury from a few weeks ago, and my other friend has a weird toe/foot issue wherein he feels a stabbing pain and goes numb after a few miles of running. They were all able to overcome these obstacles and post damn fine times! Like I said: I’m super proud of them :)

As for me? Well, I did it: I finished, and really, that’s the important thing. I was hoping to beat or match my time from two years ago, but I missed that by a good amount. For my first half, my time was 2:24:39, and my time today was 2:41:07. Oh well! At least I did it, and that’s what the main goal was! And now I’m warm, dry, have resolved my digestive distress, and can say that I completed a half-marathon today, and that’s pretty cool.