Ready for that Jelly

Tell me if this is weird: I’m really anxious to start showing already! I want to get all big in the middle – and (ironically) look like I have a ‘watermelon waistline.’

Right now, my abdomen is bigger, but so is everything else: Arms, legs, boobs (oh boy are my boobs bigger!). This means that my clothes don’t fit right (or at all), and that I don’t feel as good psychologically.

But, if I was very clearly pregnant, I think I would feel better. When I went out in the world I wouldn’t feel the urge to tell strangers that I was pregnant as an explanation for my girth – they would just know. And when I looked in the mirror, I wouldn’t have to tell myself that, either – it would be obvious.

I know that I’ll get more and more uncomfortable the bigger I get, and that I should appreciate this time – especially since it’s summer and the heat and humidity is already sapping my energy – but I’m anxious. At 19 weeks, I feel like it should be obvious that I’m pregnant, but again, I just look like I put on 20 pounds. Annoying.

So, women out there who have been pregnant, I ask you: Is this strange? Did you feel this way too? Some reassurance that I’m not a freak would be great!

3 Responses to “Ready for that Jelly”

  1. Nicole Says:

     I totally know where you’re coming from, Kimberly!  In the beginning, it is a nice feeling to have that “pregnant belly!”  Let me ask you this, have you bought any maternity clothes yet?  If not, you should, you’d be surprised how suddenly you look a lot more like a pregnant woman when you have on maternity clothes versus just some larger/baggy clothes of your own. 

  2. Emily Marotte Says:

    I agree with Nicole. Wearing clothes meant to fit a preggo body help A LOT. I felt the same way you do when I was about that far along. I couldn’t wait to have a real bump and not just look chubby. Once I made the switch to maternity clothes, it made me feel better about how I looked b/c the clothes fit me better.

     I’ve also struggled with my weight in the past as well, so I know where you are coming from. It’s hard, but I promise it gets easier.

  3. Aly12298 Says:

    You are absolutely not a freak! In fact, I think we all felt that way at the stage you are at. Everything you said were my thoughts exactly! It will come soon enough. Another couple weeks. I will remind you about this moment when you are 35 weeks and tired of showing!