At Boot Camp on Friday, we did something I’ve never done before: “suicides”. Let me tell you, this exercise is appropriately named.

Often done on a basketball court, this is a speed and agility exercise. There are a lot of variations, but here’s what we did: We stood on a line at one end of a long, flat surface. There were more parallel lines going across the floor about every 5 feet. You sprint to the first line, then sprint backwards back to the starting line. Then you sprint to the second line, then backwards back to the start. Then sprint to the third line, and backwards to the start, etc. There were about 8 lines altogether.

We did this as part of a circuit: The suicides were the first exercise, then we did punches from a horse stance (not at all challenging for me considering I’ve been doing Kung Fu for over five years…), and the third station was step ups or jump ups.   

When the instructor explained what we were doing, it didn’t sound too difficult. But holy shit – run suicides four or five times and you’ll understand where the name came from.

Honestly, I was incredibly grateful for the punching station because I needed a chance to recover. The instructor kept saying that our legs might feel like jello, but it wasn’t my legs that were causing me grief – my chest hurt (not so much that I was worried, but enough to remind me that I still have a ways to go in the fitness department!) 

I didn’t like the pain, but I did, you know? It felt great to push myself that hard. And I love that I found a high-intensity exercise that will help with both my speed and agility, two areas in which I know I could use some help.  

I’ll tell you this much: I’ll be doing more suicides in the near future, whether in class or out. And I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s class!

One Response to “Suicides”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Ah, I remember suicides from my youth sports days. Aptly named, indeed. I hated them mostly because I always seemed to come in last. I’ve never been a fast runner.