The Battle of Turkey Hill

You’ve heard the phrase “Nobody’s perfect”, right?

Just call me nobody.

Last Monday, for the start of the Holiday Assault Challenge, I weighed 182. This morning, I’m up two pounds to 184.

Obviously I’m not thrilled about this, but I know it could be a lot worse. I feel like I did okay over the Thanksgiving holiday. My husband and I were in Buffalo visiting my family, and if you know anything about Buffalo, you know you have to eat a lot in order to stay warm.

hahah I kid.

Seriously, though: Was I perfect? No. Was I awful? No. I ate more calories than an average Thursday, but that’s not at all surprising. In fact, I think that’s the idea behind Thanksgiving. Why else would you cook for 10 hours?

And yes, I want to live a healthy lifestyle. But I think that if I completely deprived myself on Thanksgiving, I wouldn’t be living the life I wanted. Again, I didn’t go crazy, but did I eat a piece of pie? Hell yeah. Did I also eat a piece of pie on Friday? Nope!

That’s the thing about special occasions: They’re just one day. So enjoy it (without overindulging) and then get back on track as quickly as possible.

This is me, getting back on track. Mark my words that next week, my weight will be lower, not higher.

Cadets: Today is your first Weekly Rally Point. Send me your weight by midnight tonight! And don’t fret if it’s higher than last week – just do better. (

2 Responses to “The Battle of Turkey Hill”

  1. Stephmac2004 Says:

    I figured out my prob Sis… my kidney stone prob weighs a good 20-25 lbs right? Ha ha!! Love you!

  2. jodie Says:

    Isn’t that why they call it a stone? hmmm