Holiday Assault Challenge

Welcome Cadets!

I’ve heard from a growing number of civilians with complaints about how out of shape they are and that they can’t seem to stop their bad habits. I’m here to tell you that with the holidays rapidly approaching it will only get worse.

Unless you do something to prevent that from happening.

Here is your briefing for your upcoming 6-week mission, should you choose to accept it:

We will be embarking on a challenge to take on the enemies of the holiday season and prevent an encroachment upon our waistlines. In fact, I challenge you cadets to not just defend the current borders, but to take the fight to the enemy and spurn fruitcake, candied yams, and eggnog for a triumphant 6-week weight loss! (Spurn extra helpings of mashed potatoes and pie, too!)

I’ve found that holding myself accountable to others helps tremendously in staying the course. It’s particularly crucial during this time of the year. With that being said, there is no certain amount of weight that you ‘need’ to lose. This is not a contest. This is an individual challenge from me to each of you. I urge you to set a goal for yourself! Maybe your goal is to not gain a single pound over the holidays. Maybe you want to take it a step further and lose 5-10 pounds. It’s completely up to you.

I encourage you all to join in and be held accountable for what you eat and the amount of exercise you get in. Start 2011 feeling great instead 7-12 pounds heavier than you are now… like many Americans will.

Here are the vitals of this mission. Make yourselves familiar with them and prepare yourselves for the jump time and proceeding rally points. Good luck cadets! I know you will be all that you can be in the 6-Week Holiday Assault Challenge.

  • Jump Time (initial weigh-in): Monday, November 22 (email to by midnight)
  • Weekly Rally Points (weigh-ins): Weigh in on Mondays (email to me by midnight)
  • Tour Length: Six weeks. Final weigh-in January 3rd, 2011
  • Critical Hostile Targets: Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s
  • WMWG’s (Weapons of Mass Weight Gain): social gatherings, cakes, cookies, PIES, alcohol, family dinners, munching all day long, no exercise, etc
  • Objectives: Good Eating Habits and an Increase in Activity

Your weight will not be shared with anyone. If you are interested in joining in the 6-Week Holiday Assault Challenge I will do what I can to help you fight the traditional holiday bulge we all fear.

Combat boots not required.

Captain Werner

PS – I swear the theme of this challenge was not inspired by my recent foray into Boot Camp :)

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