Race Recap: IKEA 5k 2010

I ran another 5k race this morning. I’m happy to report that it was far more successful than the 5k I did last month, where I couldn’t even run the whole thing without walking. (Still beating myself up about that one…)

This is the second time I ran this particular race. Last year, I did pretty well (great for where I was a year ago!) and this year was even better.

Once again, my friend J-Roc ran it with me. We decided that we’d try to beat each other in an attempt to push ourselves to do better. He was convinced that I’d have a better time, but I wasn’t so sure.

The first mile of this race is downhill, which is great for me. A lot of people have problems running down hills because the impact hurts their knees. It doesn’t bother me at all, though: I still have reasonably young knees, and since I went most of my life without doing much physical activity, they’re not worn out. Advantage: laziness!

So, I ran my little heart out that first mile, passing as many people as possible. After the Mile 1, we got to a trail which was perfectly flat. That’s when I had to slow down to my normal pace… and many of the people I had just passed passed me back.

But not J-Roc!

He didn’t pass me until a little bit into the third mile… :/

Of course, I couldn’t let that stand for long, and I sped up a bit so we were going at the same pace. Shortly before the finish line, I picked it up again (thanks to Huey Lewis on my iPod) and finished ahead of him by a whole 8 seconds. Take THAT, J-Roc!

The best part, really, is that I set a PR, finally breaking thirty minutes in a 5k.

At 29:09.

Yee haw!

Actually, this race only had a chip sensor at the finish, instead of both the start and finish. Which means they give everybody the same start time even though – unless you are at the very front of the pack – you likely didn’t start at the same time as the gun. And I was not at the front.

Which means, my real time is probably more like 28:50 or so, but we won’t split hairs: I broke 30 minutes, and I’m thrilled.

Now I have to set a new goal! Any suggestions?

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