Close as Two Coats of Paint

My goal for this morning’s 5k was to break 30 minutes. Unfortunately, I missed it by this much: My official time was 30:27. So close!

I feel like I did the best I could so I’m not too upset. Also, even though I didn’t break 30 minutes, it was a PR, and my pace was better than 10 minutes per mile (9:49), so that’s really cool.

This is the first race I’ve done where my goal wasn’t to simply “run the entire thing without walking.” For this race, I knew I’d be able to run the whole thing since I increased my mileage so much by training for last week’s half. That makes the next obvious goal speed!

I haven’t really done much speedwork to date. I think I might work some of that into my next round of workouts and see what happens.

Speaking of new workouts, this week starts post half marathon training life. (Last week was recovery!) Tomorrow night, I plan to go to the Total Body Workout class at my gym, which I haven’t been to in months since my hip hop class was on Mondays. I’m really looking forward to it – I could use a total body workout… and a total body massage!

2 Responses to “Close as Two Coats of Paint”

  1. aimeeinak Says:

    You were so close, that's great! I'm sure next time you'll be under 30 minutes with no problem.

  2. bodybypizza Says:

    BAD! ASS!