90 Days Left

We’re 10 days in and that makes it time for an all-around update on The Hot 100. Here goes:

Keep running! I want to be able to run 5 miles without having to walk by the end of the year. Yesterday, I added an addendum that specifies how I plan on doing this – by running a minimum of 10 miles per week.

So far, I haven’t been doing great at this; I’ve only been out running once this week. That being said, though, that one run was VERY successful (3.44 miles without walking!). After that run on Sunday, once again, life got in the way and I didn’t get out again. Hence yesterday’s addendum, which I think will keep me on track.

I was planning on going out today, but at yesterday’s softball game I took a hard grounder to the shin and I’m all black & blue and swollen. *sigh* I’m so damn accident-prone. Hopefully the swelling will go down enough to not hinder my performance at my 5k on Sunday…

Lose some more weight. The goal was to lose 20 pounds by the end of the year. And then I thought about it. I don’t know that that’s a reasonable goal considering my current weight. When I was 80 pounds heavier, sure. But now? Not so much.

That doesn’t mean that I’m giving up; I’m going to get as close to that 20-pound mark as I can, but I’m aware that it’s going to be incredibly tough to get all the way there. You never know, though, right?

Of course, I’m not off to a great start. I’m actually the same as I was last Friday, but that’s 2 pounds more than I was when I wrote out my goals. Meaning rather than being down at the 10-day point, I’m up 2. My current weight is now 177.5. Again. (grr grr grr)

Clearly I need a new game plan here as well. I’ve known for a while now that I need to go back to logging my food and tracking my calories in and out on a daily basis like I did before. I know it works – that’s how I lost 90% of the weight to begin with (thank you My Food Diary!) But it takes a lot of time and dedication – almost obsession – and I’m not obsessed right now. I really need to work on keeping close track, while maintaining a balance with the rest of my life. That balance is tough though. I’m working on it.

Eat out less – cook more. I’ve been doing really well here. Not too much eating out these last 10 days; far less than usual. And it hasn’t been horrible! The husband is on board and we’ve been cooking a lot lately. I just need to keep up with it. It’s quite easy to have a long day and in a moment of exhaustion, order take out or stop to pick something up.

Also, my birthday is on Monday and my husband is taking me out for dinner. That’s a meal out that I didn’t plan on, and I’m trying to decide if I should just say, “Yeah, but it’s my birthday” and just add it in, or cut out one of the other, regularly scheduled meals out. I’m very tempted to say the former, but part of me thinks I should resist and say the latter.

Maybe I’ll eat out both times and just log it :)

4 Responses to “90 Days Left”

  1. South Beach Steve Says:

    Sorry to hear about the bruises. I hope that doesn't cause you issues at the 5k. As I said on your other post, I like the new specificity on this one. The second one is a challenge. I am not sure what advice to offer you, as I am sure you already know exactly what to do, it is just doing it that is the problem. You can though, no doubt about it. Great work on #3!

  2. Kimberly Says:

    You're absolutely right, Steve. It's just a matter of DOING it. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Kimberly Says:

    You're absolutely right, Steve. It's just a matter of DOING it. Thanks for the encouragement!

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