The Hot 100 – Going Out With a Bang!

I was all ready to post about how proud I was to have finally made use of the swimming pool at my gym on Monday (yay!) and then I saw an excellent motivational challenge on another blog – South Beach Steve’s “Log My Loss” – and got sidetracked by its brilliance.

Today – Wednesday, September 23 – marks the start of the final 100 days of 2009. In Steve’s words, let’s go out with a bang! He’s issued a challenge to get folks to set some goals for the next 100 days and then, of course, work toward meeting those goals. I think this is genius! (I’m only a little surprised I didn’t think of it myself…)

I’m definitely going to do this myself, and I hope you guys will join in the fun! Let’s end the year in a positive way, so we’ll be right on track when the new one comes along.

Oh, and the accountability thing really does help. I’ll once again ask you all to hold me accountable to these goals, and if you’d like me to do the same for you, post your goals in the comments section and I’ll get on it!

Kimberly’s Goals for The Hot 100

  • Keep running! That’s not concrete, I know, but here’s what is: Work my way up to running 5 miles without having to walk. Ideally, I’ll be able to do this by Thanksgiving, since I’ll be doing the Turkey Trot in Buffalo which is an 8k (5mi). Also, it seems that every year I essentially give up on my running goals when the weather turns colder, and then I have to start from Square One in the Spring. Not going to happen this year!
  • Lose some more weight. Like, 20 pounds more. That would put me at 155.5 on December 31, soooo close to my goal of 150. I’ll save those last few pounds for 2010 and feel awesome when I reach it by February!
  • Eat out less – cook more. Specifically, eat restaurant-cooked food no more than 3-4 times per week. This should be very doable, and will be exceedingly helpful toward my weight-loss goal, as well as make a marked difference in my wallet. Now to just get the husband on board…

This can be done. Nay, this SHALL be done!

Thanks again, Steve! Check out his kick-off video that started it all. And join in the fun!

Stay tuned for status updates :)

14 Responses to “The Hot 100 – Going Out With a Bang!”

  1. South Beach Steve Says:

    Kimberly, I am glad to see you joined in – this is going to make the last 100 great!

    The goals look good, and should keep you motivated.

  2. Jessica Says:

    I count myself lucky to have a friend as positive as you are. You keep me motivated for my own goals!

  3. BodyByPizza Says:

    Sounds like a really great idea! I'm going to do this challenge. And you weren't kidding. we are TOTALLY similar. Looks like I have a lot of reading through your blog to see how you've made it this far. :)

  4. Alicia_B Says:

    This sounds like a great idea! However, I'm not sure how much I can join in with the weight loss goals now that I'm preggo. However, I would like to commit to continue to go to the gym 2 times a week and to not go crazy eating just because I'm “eating for 2” – I don't want to make that mistake again!

    Keep up the good work and you will be running that 8k for sure!

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  6. Kat Says:

    Great goals! I look forward to all of us achieving our goals on this challenge! You are an inspiration Kimberly!

  7. Kat Says:

    Great goals! I look forward to all of us achieving our goals on this challenge! You are an inspiration Kimberly!

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