The Biggest Loser

Yee haw! I’m totally back on track at 175.5. I was here about five weeks ago (175, actually), and then went out of town a few times and ate out a million times. I’ve been up. And now I’m down.

Only 3.5 more pounds and I will have lost 90 pounds. Even though it’s been a few years since I was at my heaviest, it’s still so surreal to think about that. Ninety pounds. In the words of my brother, that’s Biggest Loser territory!

Speaking of The Biggest Loser, did you guys watch the season premiere on Tuesday? When did this show get so good? I’m not ashamed to admit I was near tears more than once. Between the girl who weighs nearly 500 pounds after spending most of her life trying to save her heroin-addict mother, the woman who lost her family in a car accident a few years ago and is now living only for herself while trying to figure out what to do next, and the former athlete turned way-overweight coach, Mo (who is already my favorite!), I’m hooked. Last season it took a few episodes for me to really care about the people, and even then I only liked a few (Tara, anyone?). I’m going to enjoy season 8. If you missed the premiere, NBC will supposedly be making it available on their website, though it’s not up at the time of this post.

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