It’s a New Life…

…For me, And I’m feeling good. I find doing a lot of different things rejuvenating, and that’s just what I’ve been doing!

Last Thursday, I took my first yoga class ever and I really enjoyed it! I went with four other girls, and we were all at about the same level, which helps. The class definitely wasn’t power yoga, it was more like… relaxation yoga, if that’s a thing. (I know very little about the different kinds of yoga, except that there are a bunch!) I think the instructor took it easy on us since there were 5 newbies. It was very relaxing, and I enjoyed that, but I think if I was going to do yoga regularly, I would want something more intense. I’ve done some yoga videos in the past and have worked up a serious sweat, and felt sore the next day – I liked that!

On Sunday I played Ultimate Frisbee with some friends in the park. Holy smokes – super fun and very intense! For those of you who aren’t familiar, Ultimate Frisbee is much more than standing around tossing a frisbee back and forth. It’s like football with a frisbee, minus the tackling. It’s particularly intense when the people playing aren’t very good (like most of the group I was with, myself included) because every time the frisbee is dropped, it goes to the other team. This makes for a lot of running back and forth. I’m still surprised that I liked it so much; three years ago, running back and forth chasing a frisbee would not have been my idea of a fun way to spend an afternoon. I really did enjoy it, though! And – get this – I wasn’t the last person chosen when we picked teams! (Though my heart fluttered a bit when they chose captains and I realized what was happening…)

Monday evening was the Total Body Workout class at my gym, which I was on time for and didn’t miss, unlike last week. I’m starting to feel more coordinated with the instructors crazy combinations. In fact, I felt pretty good in this class – best one yet! I suppose that makes sense, but it’s still nice to see definitively.

Yesterday was the return of Kung Fu, which was on hiatus for a week as the school closed for the holiday. It was so nice to be back and get my sweat on!

I’m still keeping up with the 100 Push Ups challenge, too. (How about the rest of you, hmm?) It’s going really well! I finished up Week 2, at which point you’re supposed to do an exhaustion test, performing as many consecutive, good-form push ups as you can to see where you are. I did 26! For the initial test, I was only able to do 14, so I almost doubled that in just 2 weeks! If I had really thought about that beforehand, I think I might have been able to eke out 2 more, too. Ah well – next time!

I’m planning on starting the 200 Sit-Ups program next week, so anyone who wants to join me on that, do your initial test this weekend! I was going to alternate sit-ups one day and push ups the next, but I think since they’re different body parts I’m going to do them on the same day. That seems easier to me, but whatever you think will work best for you is good!

Also, on Friday I’m going kayaking with a friend! I can’t wait for that – I’ve only done it once, but I loved it. So fun – and a great upper body workout!

I apologize for the absurd number of exclamation points in this post, but hey, things are good! And good things call for exclamation points! Really, they do!!

5 Responses to “It’s a New Life…”

  1. South Beach Steve Says:

    Earlier today I was wondering how your push ups were going. It is pretty awesome how fast you can advance, isn’t it? I am still doing just 10 every other day, but my arm is feeling better, so I sense a little more is in the near future. It sounds like things are going great — keep it up!

  2. Stephen Says:

    They certainly do Kimberly!!!

  3. Alicia Says:

    I’m glad you are keeping up with your gym classes!  Way to go!  I did yoga once at the gym and it was the same sort of relaxation.  I enjoyed it, but definitely wasn’t a class that would challenge you. 

    My wrist was feeling a little better, so I decided to try the push up challenge.  However, after doing only 10 on the first day, my wrist is killing me again! :(  I guess the push up challenge is out; BUT I’m in for sit-ups!  It’s on!

  4. Sarah Says:

    We should start going to Yoga on Sunday mornings. It will probably be a little more intense with rapid sequences like Sun Salutations, etc. Though I kinda like the relaxing aspect of it; I need to find more peace in my life right now.

    I’m doing okay with the push-ups. I think I’m 1 day behind, but I will do them right now to catch up! It is just hard doing them if I do a lot of arm and chest work the day before.

    I should do the sit-up challenge, too. I’m trying to get rid of this stubborn little belly roll! Frustrating! I’m off for the whole month of August, so I’m planning to step it up and do some fun activities everyday.

  5. Rachel Says:

    I just stumbled across your blog. You look like you’re doing a great job! I just started yoga too. The instructor kept saying that she didn’t want to scare us off so I think she took it really easy on us. Still…very nice!