Dance Your Ass Off

Have you guys seen the new show on Oxygen called Dance Your Ass Off? It’s basically a cross between Dancing with the Stars and The Biggest Loser. The “stars” in this case are overweight folks literally attempting to dance their asses off.

When I first saw a preview for this show, I immediately hated it. I got it into my head that it was more about making fun of fat people gyrating than about health and weight loss. After watching the premier, though, I no longer think that’s the case.

None of the contestants seem embarrassed to be there. They’re grateful for the opportunity to get help losing weight, and they all LOVE dancing. I’m impressed with how brave they are to go on national television and shake their stuff – in skimpy clothes – but like I said, they don’t seem embarrassed at all. The girls are all so cute: They’re in their little outfits and talk about how hot they are. I LOVE their confidence! I don’t have that kind of confidence.

I’m also impressed with their dancing abilities. Some are better than others, but they’re all pretty good – better than I am!

The contestants get help from a nutritionist and a trainer, and of course a professional dance partner/choreographer. It seems like pretty equal emphasis on diet and dancing, which is great.

The one thing I really dislike about the show itself is that at least twice during each performance, they cut to the audience or the judges watching. I don’t want to see people watching the dancers – I want to see the dancers! Annoying. I could also do without the judges themselves, but whatever.

If you like dance shows, weight-loss shows, and reality shows in general, I think you’ll like Dance Your Ass Off. I look forward to watching the contestants progress as the show goes on – both in their weight loss and in their dancing. Should be interesting!

Incidentally, one of the things on my list is to take a dance class which I’ve always thought I was too big to do. Apparently I’m not! Maybe this show will motivate me to get that one crossed off my list…

3 Responses to “Dance Your Ass Off”

  1. Sarah Says:

    I haven’t gone dancing in ages! Wanna get a group together and go sometime?

  2. South Beach Steve Says:

    I have read another post on this show lately on A Merry Life. I think the show sounds interesting, but I don’t really watch any TV, so I doubt I will ever see it. There is just not enough time in the day for the things I already do, much less adding another. :-)

    Regarding dancing – I have never been someone who enjoyed dancing. I guess I have always felt too big and too uncoordinated. It seems both of those things are not as true as they once were, so maybe I will get to a point where I will try it again.

  3. Mary :: A Merry Life Says:

    I’m glad you liked it! I just started taking dance classes and I’m terrible but it is sooooo fun!