One Hundred Push Ups

Ok faithful readers: Show of hands – How many of you can do 100 consecutive push ups? Anyone? Ok… How many of you think it would be super awesome to be able to do 100 consecutive push ups? Wow, that many, huh?

That’s excellent news. You see, there’s a training program that supposedly gets you from whatever level you’re at now – whether you can currently do 50, 20 or not even 10 consecutive push ups – to 100 consecutive push ups in just 6 weeks. According to the program, “all you need is a good plan, plenty of discipline and about 30 minutes a week to achieve this goal!”

Why push ups? “Push ups are one of the basic and most common exercises for the human body. Push ups are not only great for your chest, but do a tremendous job of defining your abs, triceps, shoulders and torso.”

Sound good to you? It sounds good to me! I’m doing it. And if you raised your hand indicating that you think it would be super awesome to be able to do 100 consecutive push ups, I want you to do it with me.

The program can be found on this website: You have to do an initial test (how many good push ups can you do in a row now?) to “highlight your current fitness level and determine where to start and how to plan your push ups training program.” I was able to do only 8 (eek!), which puts me in Rank 2. They recommend doing the initial test a few days before starting the program, and then you need to commit three days a week, with a day to rest in between. I’m planning on doing Monday, Wednesday and Friday, then I’ll have the weekend to rest. You can even log your workouts at the sister site

If you’re going to do this program with me, let me know in the comments! Then, visit the site and do the initial test over the next few days, and start the program with me next week. If this program works like it says it does, we’ll all meet back here in 6 weeks and do 100 consecutive push ups!

And that will be super awesome.

16 Responses to “One Hundred Push Ups”

  1. Sarah Says:

    That’s weird, I was thinking about push-ups today. I’m in! I just need your help and motivation!!!!! :)

  2. Mala Says:

    I’m in. Are we starting the program this Monday? The 29th?

  3. Kimberly Says:

    Hooray! Two people already!

    Yes – let’s start this Monday, the 29th. Get your initial test in before that!

  4. Stephen Says:

    I too will push the ground!

  5. South Beach Steve Says:

    I really like this program. I have done it twice, although I never made it all the way through. The first time I had some significant ‘life’ things that got in the way, the second time I had to stop because of an arm injury. Right now I am waiting on my arm to heal so I can get back started. I am so jealous that you will be starting it before me! :-)

  6. Kimberly Says:

    Steve – Sorry you won’t be able to go through this with us! Heal that arm and then jump in!

    Stephen – There was no doubt in my mind that you’d get in on this :)

  7. Stephen Says:

    Ooh yeah. I even did my initial test. I’m starting at 80. After we conquer this, we should move on to 100 pull-ups. Okay, maybe 20. Also, my wrists are tweeky from doing so many in the service, therefore, I must use the push-up bars to keep them straight.

  8. Jessica Says:

    Oh, I want to join, too! My right wrist has been bothering me lately, but maybe push-ups will help strengthen it. … Plus, I’ve always wanted washboard abs. Oh, dare to dream!

  9. Kimberly Says:

    You’re STARTING at EIGHTY?! Um, wow. Ok, well, if anyone was going to raise their hand at being able to do 100, I would have guessed it would be you. Let’s get you that last 20!

    My only problem with pull-ups is that I don’t have a bar, and I don’t have doorways conducive to adding a bar – permanent or otherwise. Plus, I’m chicken to do it at the gym. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a woman on that side of the gym…

  10. puby Says:

    I stopped after doing 30. I’m hungry.

  11. Sarah Says:

    I’m ready for Monday! I did my initial test today. I managed to do 12. Woo! I’ll be happy if I can do 40-50 by the end of this, but 100 would be fantastic!

  12. Matt Says:

    I just tested myself out and did 50! im ready for 50 more!

  13. Sue Says:

    You know i get paid to do push ups an I HATE them with a passion…athritis in my right shoulder makes them tough but maybe i will give them a try….i need to get my score back up. I cna’t do them like i used to be able to do them…

  14. Jessica Says:

    Oh, I’m at Rank 2, as well … I can’t wait to get started!

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