I Want to Ride My Bicycle

But first, I suppose I have to buy one.

I’ve been thinking about this for months. More than that, even – probably more like a year. I’m not usually the type of person who plans so much before making a purchase: I don’t like shopping around, and I don’t like not having something that I want, so when I know I want something, I generally just go out and get it.

Not so with a bicycle.

The problem is, I’m terrified of getting the wrong one. I don’t want to just buy a cheap-o bike from Wal-Mart, though that would certainly be easier. I want a real bike. And real bikes cost real money. I’m willing to invest, but I want to make sure I’m investing in a bike that will be just right for me and my purposes. Follow?

I’ve recently become annoyed with myself and the fact that I still don’t have a bicycle. I haven’t even gone into a single bike shop yet, because, until last week, I didn’t know the answer to the most basic – yet most important – question: “What style of bicycle do you want?” There are so many styles – mountain, road, hybrid, recumbent, etc. – and I had no clue what the pros and cons of each are.

I did some research and found a fabulous article called How to Buy a Bike by Jim Langley that laid everything out for me. It was so informative and helpful, that I now know that I want a Road Sport bike. I consider this the first step. Now I just have to get myself to a bike shop and shell out some green!

On that note, if any of you know anything about bicycles and can recommend a brand and/or a great bike shop in the Pittsburgh area, I’m open to suggestions.

7 Responses to “I Want to Ride My Bicycle”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Though it’s been awhile since I’ve bought a bike here, the Ambridge Bike Shop has always been a good place to buy a bike around here. Their website is http://www.ambridgebikeshop.com/.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Thanks, Nicole! I’ll have to check them out. I’m so excited! Of course, now that I’ve gone and pulled a groin muscle, it’ll probably have to wait a few weeks. Doh!

  3. DonHo Says:

    Kim! There are many shops to get a sport road bike from. (duh) I used to work at BikeTek in Monroeville. I don’t know if that location is still open or not. I didn’t care quite as much for the gentlemen at the squirrel hill location, however. That said, BikeTek provides the Jamis brand of bikes, quite a nice build if you ask me. The sport road bikes (if I remmeber correctly) have a more upright seating position, which greatly diminishes both pain and the need for spandex. They have all the benefits of a good road bike, but not all the hassle. So BikeTek is an option, but my personal favorite was Gatto cycles. It’s in a little building on Liberty (I think…) that houses an organic food store and a rock climbing wall, also nearby is Construction Junction. If my old buddy John is working, you should tell him I sent you and to say hey to him. He’s a good sort, and knows his stuff, and if he’s still there he’s been there for like 10 years. (or so) Anyway they carry Specialized which has some of my favorite newer bikes out there. So Gatto first, BikeTek second. That’s how i’d roll were I still in PGH.

    Sorry for the lengthy post!

  4. DonHo Says:

    OH you’ll know John by his arm tats and his glasses and ear plugs.

  5. DonHo Says:

    Holy crap i’m spamming! Also you may consider a Cyclo-cross or Touring bike. Touring bikes are similar to CC bikes but usually a little more relaxed seating position. I havea cyclo-cross bike, a Kona that I will never trade for anything. Great for commuting (esecially in the burgh)

  6. Kimberly Says:

    Wow, Don – thanks for all the great info! Sounds like I need to take a trek out to Gatto. I really appreciate the tips… and the spam!

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