Fat Bottomed Girls, They’ll Be Riding Today

I finally bought a bike!

For those of you who have just tuned in, I’ve been wanting a bicycle for quite some time, with the goal of completing a triathlon. Today, I got one.

My New Bike!

My New Bike!

It’s a Canondale Quick 5, and so far, I love it. The bike shop guy was very helpful, and after I told him about my goals and biking experience (I haven’t ridden a bicycle in about 15 years!) he recommended this bike. I took it for a spin around the parking lot and immediately knew it was the bike for me.

My husband went with me to the cycle shop, and decided he wanted one for himself as well. We left with two bikes, two helmets, a bike rack, and a lot of excitement.

We went down to one of the trails that runs alongside the river. We rode for just over an hour and covered almost 12 miles in that time. It’s amazing how much more ground you can cover on two wheels than on two feet. It was so. much. fun. but I was nervous and a little scared at first. Have I mentioned that I haven’t ridden a bike in 15 years?

As it turns out, it’s just like riding a bike.

It’s also quite a workout! Based on my weight and how long/fast we rode, I burned about 500 calories. For the most part, I didn’t even notice that it was exercise, but I did feel it in my quads when we climbed the few hills – for Pittsburgh, this was a very flat trail. The only parts of my body that are hurting now are my butt – I need to get a better seat or shorts with butt padding, and my face – I think I got wind burned… I was riding just that fast :) Tomorrow might tell a different story.

I think I progressed a lot in just over an hour – I went from being very nervous and wobbly to feeling reasonably confident and fairly steady. I’m sure that the more I ride, the better bicycler I’ll become. As with anything, practice makes perfect, right?

Owning a bicycle: The first step to accomplishing the biking portion of that triathlon. Yee haw!

4 Responses to “Fat Bottomed Girls, They’ll Be Riding Today”

  1. WDOphoto Says:

    I’m so happy you bought helmets. I inline skate all over town and I can’t stand to see so many helmetless heads. Don’t these people care about the stuff they have in there? Isn’t it important to them?

    I can’t stand the butt pain (maybe that’s why I skate) I got a really nice seat and it didn’t matter – it’s one of those things you’ve got to get used to I guess.

  2. Jessica Says:

    May I suggest a gel-padded seat cover? It saved my butt!

  3. Sarah Camp Says:

    Yay! This makes me want to ride my bike again. Too bad Don stripped the breaks and I haven’t gotten it fixed yet. :( Plus Joe doesn’t have a bike, and it’s more fun with two.

  4. Alicia Says:

    Awesome!  I’m so glad you took the plunge!  And having Eric riding with you will definitely help get you out there more often.  Makes me want to ride too! Oh and I agree the gel seat does wonders!